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Give Your Kitchen A Natural And Rustic Look

It’s been years since you renovated your kitchen and now you feel that the time has come to do so. Looking around your kitchen, you wish to give it a natural and realistic look. Solid timber bench tops are the perfect fit for the job. Besides being eco-friendly they offer numerous benefits making them the ideal choice. Here are the some pros of solid timber benchtops in brisbane.

Maintenance problems

The biggest concern for a person renovating kitchen, more than the total expenditure is the maintenance. Maintaining an item can be hectic and costly but the good news is timber bench tops require it only once every two years. The surface of these hardwood timber benchtops can easily be cleaned, simply apply warm soapy water and wipe. However, you must remember that it’s made from wood so don’t spill any liquid over it as moisture can leak through and damage the wood.

As mentioned earlier timber provide you the natural charisma of wood. The bench tops look and feel realistic, resembling and bringing you close to nature. Bench tops made from solid timber provide a warm feel than other materials like steel or tiles and develop a classical rustic finish. The beauty of this material is unparalleled and just cannot be matched by any other.

Eco-friendly material

Many people around the world opt for materials that do not harm the environment. This is one of the main reasons that have made hardwood an ideal option for making solid hardwood bench tops. Timber has the lowest amount of carbon dioxide emissions. It consumes the lowest amount of energy when converting wood into the timber. Solid timber is not only non-toxic; it ages naturally and doesn’t break into environmentally damaging materials.

You do know that durability and maintenance are correlated, right? There are tons of expensive and lavish materials out there in the market to choose from but many of them are poor when it comes to durability. Many materials are sensitive and fragile. On the contrary hardwood, bench tops offer high strength and durability. The bench tops last longer than their counterparts. If hardwood benches get damaged they can be easily sanded back. Even if they fall prey to scratches or stains you can simply wipe them off.

To conclude it is not wrong to say that solid hardwood is the best option to go for making bench tops and renovating your kitchen. Coming down to price timber lies in the midway; it is neither too cheap nor too expensive. Soft timber is budget-friendly and relatively cheap. The price increases as you opt for higher quality. Giving your kitchen a natural look has never been easier.

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